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Note: The user interface is currently in Turkish language. It will be translated into English before beta release.

KULTECH SAP2000 API is a desktop-based app that automizes all modeling and post-processing procedures specific to precast and prestressed concrete structures, thus giving the engineer much more time and flexibility in the design. The software has Graphical User Interface and modeling methods identical to CSI SAP2000, which eliminates the learning process for any user familiar with SAP2000. The software is currently in development and not released. With the software, the user will be able to:

Define sections and materials specific to precast concrete structures

Draw frames with automatic assignments (Sections, Hinges, Stages etc..)

Assign restraints

Define project parameters

Define earthquake parameters

Our APP automatically draws roof purlins

Our APP draws instant 3d render of the building

All materials and relevant combinations are pre-defined

Define special connections

Assign special connections to ends of relevant members

Export the entire model to SAP2000

All loads are automatically calculated and applied, including diaghragms

Results: Modal Analysis

Results: Spectrum Analysis

Results: Automatic Building Weight Calculations

Results: Automatic Equivalent Seismic Load Calculations

Results: Irregularity Checks

Results: Allowable Storey Drift Checks

Results: Connections Checks