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KULTECH PREFABRIK is a software that analyzes and designs one storey precast buildings with or without mezzanine stores and mobile cranes and makes detailed material quantity takeoff and cost analysis according to relevant Turkish specifications, including the new Seismic Code. Our software performs analysis and applicable design of individual precast members and the global system under gravity and lateral loads. In addition, a detailed material quantity takeoff along with a cost analysis is presented supported by graphs. This detailed cost analysis enables the user to change design strategy accordingly and find the optimum design solution. Our software also performs analysis and design of foundation system. The Notes module enables the user to see the reason precast members in the mould archive are not sufficient.(Bending failure, shear failure, not enough mould length etc..)

This software is not released and is only used by our engineers. Its user interface is in Turkish language.

Input page

Integrated precast mould library

Notes module to show why the member is not sufficient

Reinforced/prestressed analysis and economic design

Reinforced/prestressed analysis and economic design

Determination of column size and rebar design

Detailed concrete and rebar quantity takeoff

Detailed cost analysis supported by graphs

Foundation and socket design and quantity takeoff

Foundation and socket design and quantity takeoff